A motorcyclist’s sunday

Well..I woke up today morning (not really..I missed yesterday night's sleep so I didn't exactly wake up…) and found myself staring at a lovely new Sunday. I decided after much deliberation to take my bike out for a run. Wearing a Helmet in the sweltering heat of chennai is not really a comfortable option, so I prefer riding my bike only to really really nearby places (or rather, I don't ride it at all)

But it was early morning and I decided to put on my helmet (after a long long long time…) and take out my bike for a spin.
And I was out riding around the empty lanes of the city, and since the sun was young it wasn't burning down on me either…A lovely breeze hit me strongly in my face as I drove around the arterial roads.
Came back home..Happy that I rode my motorcycle. Well, I don't own a bullet or anything..Just a poor simple pulsar. Something which was my everything when I was studying..Sometimes memories are priceless. Like I might add, fuel wasted: INR 40-50, satisfaction: priceless!

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Who is social media meant for?

<a href="" title="Jump on the social media bandwagon by Matt Hamm, on Flickr">Jump on the social media bandwagon

I was thinking about social media and all of a sudden I found myself wondering why it even exists. Now why do we need social media? Media that you and I create. We can be satisfied subscribing to the traditional media, why go about creating it? when you can have fun just enjoying it? Why do we need to become social media journalists? For one, it does not pay (unless of course you're a social media moghul)
One of the reasons could be that we have time on our hands, and we wish to create our mark online. People wish to share what they see. Now facebook lets you share stuff with your friends. So that cute youtube video (which you think, is cute) gets on every one of friend's facebook feeds. Or if you are on twitter, you're sharing it with several of followers. And what happens if you're a huge social media champ? You spend all your day posting such links on your twitter/friendfeed timeline (@minervity, @zaibatsu etc..)

Or are you the one creating youtube videos? sharing it online so that your subscribers can watch it, and you could share it on all your social networks? A digg or a stumbleupon junkie could very well be posting and digging links all day.
But at the end of all that is. well…nothing. It does not serve any purpose other than maybe improving your reputation online, enhancing your online social network.

Most of social media is about opinion (blog posts anyone…) and the rest is stuff made up of the top 10 flash blogs and 15 unbelievable "photoshopped" images and the like. All this shows that you have a lot of time on your hands and you don't know what to do with it. Come to think of it, its more like sending those email forwards. Things haven't changed at all. Its just like sending those email forwards. Forget social media. Get social.
Guess that post was too critical of social media. Just imagine a world without wikipedia? But I definitely don't need digg.

I'm not saying all social media is bad. But it sure gets repetitive and boring after a while. Just like, too much of Facebook isn't good for you.
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Kaminey – a review

Yeah, back after watching Kaminey (Don't visit link, has spoilers 😉 today. Was pretty much an ordinary bollywood action flick based on Mumbai. But slick production values, good acting and direction made it look better than it actually was.

The acting was pretty realistic, action was good enough…and the end was surprisingly good. Its one of those movies where you get out with the satisfaction of having watched a good movie..)
Shahid has always been a good actor, except that it took a long time for audience to grow up to good performance oriented movies. Like Fiza never made it big..but maybe if it had been made today…Shahid plays his double role exceptionally well and he is very well supported by the entire movie team in doing so. And Priyanka acts as well (if not better) as she had done in Fashion.
I found the first part of the movie to be a bit of drag, but I guess that was necessary to explain the second half, so its forgiven.
So go ahead and watch the movie..atleast I found it worth watching…

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I wish to code. But I’m not a coder. I know very little of whatever I need to know how to code. But I love C++, action script and python. I love the OOPs concept. I have never had real experience in coding.

So I’m going to do something about it. I am going to start working on my programming skills and I am going to start with learning python. Come on, it can’t be that tough. I thought I’d write a blog post because I always noticed that blog posts make for better resolutions. Just so that I don’t lose track.

Programming is one of the most interesting things that an analytical mind can indulge in. Remember, its one of those jobs which millions do for free on open source.

Besides I want to be the accountant who is a real coder. (And btw, I can code in C++)

You can track my progress with the numerous reference bookmarks I am going to make online as I learn. I am going to start off where I left of last time.

My bookmarks can be found @ http://delicious.com/enarceus


The crying baby

Now, all characters featured in this incident are real. I sit down and write this blog post at the Dallas international airport, but most probably wouldn’t post it until I reach India. Because DFW doesn’t offer free wi-fi internet and I can’t connect to the wired internet because I do not happen to have a network cord with me. How disappointing..And as usual, most of the free internet kiosks have been taken over by oversized teenagers checking their FB accounts.

I do not exactly remember dates, but one of these days when I was returning back from downtown, riding the max rail, reading a book. It was quite crowded so I think it must’ve been a Saturday or a Friday night. My imagination which had flown away with the book’s storyline was brought back to the reality of the crowded max, by loud cries of a baby in a pram. A young girl was tending to the baby. My brief interaction does not permit me to conclude on their relationship, but the fact was that she was responsible for the baby. I am not too sure whether kids should be pampered or not, but I think they deserve attention. The baby kept crying incessantly and the young woman continued to yap away on her mobile phone(Note the critical usage of the words, “yap away”, which shows my disapproval.) Most persons nearby were disturbed just as much but the young woman was either used to it or did not care. Either way, without even a glance at the baby (continues to yap away) she takes out a bottle of milk and hands it over, which the baby promptly throws away. The crying continues. Next comes a biscuit which meets the same fate.

Three or four stations pass by. Most of the passengers have now been forced to divert their attention to the crying baby. The young woman moves around the pram which allows the baby to look at me. I try to give a smile and clap my hands and clown around(now that shouldn’t be too tough…c’mon aren’t we all clowns in the circus of fate? huh..)

The baby stops crying, starts clapping hands too..people around smile at me, few exclamations are passed on. The max comes to a halt, “doors to your left” and the young woman walks away (still yapping away…). But atleast the baby isn’t crying anymore. I don’t think there was much in this event which deserved a blog post, but I somehow find it extremely hard to understand persons who tend to be careless when tending to children. I consider handling children a task(well, that’s not exactly the right word…but I guess, you get my point..) which requires utmost dedication and complete undivided attention. Now, its debatable as to what should be someone’s response to a baby crying for no reason. Few would ignore the baby saying that showering too much attention is nothing short of pampering or spoiling the kid. But, isn’t it the most unpleasant thing to pay no attention to a crying baby? Don’t we unknowingly pay attention to attention seeking adults at some point in our life?Don’t we all love some attention?

Give children the attention they deserve, at least because they’re the only beings who deserve your attention and love. Whether or not, you know them..

Oh! well, I’ve never made public posts of such incidents close of personal opinion and this is my first attempt at doing so in the most rational and neutral manner (except for the “yapping away!” part…) Leave your comments. I’d like to hear from you…For now, my flight’s ready to board….

The Soloist

I write this blog post from 11183 metres above land, but again since I don’t have wifi access, I’m not going to be publishing this until I get home. Blogging is not an activity that requires urgency. But now it does, or so I think. I could’ve written this post after I get back home, 2 days later or even next week. But time washes away memories faster than you can imagine, even if you want to remember details, its hard to. The flight’s going to be delayed by 20 minutes for sure.

The lights have been dimmed and most people are either asleep or are watching the in flight entertainment system. Its hard for me to type, because my middle finger hurts every time I type in words, it was bleeding from a wound yesterday. It’s healed, but still hurts. But this is blog post is worth it. Its nothing important really…its just that I wanted to recommend a movie. Again, its just a matter of choice, actually….you might not like it at all.

I watched “The Soloist” starring Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey, Jr. and it moved me to tears. I’m not writing the plot in here. Because if you think its worth it, Google can do that for you. I don’t need to do that. All I’m saying is that..there are very very few movies which have moved me to tears. The Soloist is a masterpiece. I especially like the part where Robert Downey says “I wish I had something to love as much as he loves his music…”

It does not have a tragic ending, yet moves you into tears. Now that’s the mark of a remarkable movie. I’ve got 6 hrs left on my flight, but I simply do not feel like watching another movie, lest it wash away the experience of such a good movie. Robert Downey delivers an outstan

ding performance, surpassing his excellent performance in Ironman.

Bete Lukas – the taste of Ethiopia

It’s the last saturday night before I go back to India in Portland..So here I am, having my dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant in Portland. Food was delicious and the service was awesome (though I wouldn’t exactly say it was fast…)

Lukas is open only from 5 pm to “close” everyday of the week except on mondays. Its on the second floor, isn’t too grand a place, but is nice, warm and quaint in a nice sort of way…

We ordered for Sambosas, which are pretty much similar to Indian Samosas. Food was served in family portions and is served on centerpiece platters over injera (a form of bread/pancake). Four people share and eat off a centerpiece platter (building bonds because 4 of you eat off a plate…). The waiter had an awesome sense of humor, even knew a few phrases in Hindi and ensured that the big group of people was handled in the most efficient manner.

Oh..and btw, you eat with your hands, not with cutlery…

I spent the sunny part of the day shopping at washington square. And a few minutes at Barnes and Nobles. I bought the Timeline, Michael Crichton. It’s my favourite book and I don’t own it, well..now I do!