Rainy Thursday morning coffee

I should’ve slept off earlier. Particularly because I intend to take the bus tomorrow to office. But I guess that’s not about happen. The rain has been pouring nonstop all night. My car’s parked outside tonight of all the nights…pretty worrisome, especially knowing that the roads are so prone to flooding.

Anyway its 2.20 AM now and I’ve been wasting my time applying for listening to music, playing games and applying for digital signatures(weird…). So when I ran out of options I decided to read my fave RSS feeds. BTW, I use Google reader as my web aggregator. One of my favourite blogs has been cheese and beans. My reader is cluttered is feeds from mostly technology and mobile blogs, and this comes out as a fresh exception in the mundane tech list. I’ve been reading feeds for a while and have managed to bring down the number of unread feeds to 9. Now that’s truly an achievement considering I have atleast 300+ feeds unread at any point of time.

What if it rains so hard that its a holiday tomorrow? Anyway I think I’ll bid farewell to my plans of taking the bus, and take the car instead. Come on, its raining hard. I’ve been trying to take the bus from Monday, but something or the other keeps happening, just to make sure I don’t. A blog post always warrants a cup of coffee? In fact, most things in life need a cup of coffee. In fact, coffee is one the best things that ever happened to civilization. Thanks to the unnamed shepherd. Did you know that Caffeine which is what makes coffee as stimulating as it is, is also called trimethylxanthine or C8H10N4O2 . Sounds pretty sophisticated…Just imagining that I’m going to indulge in a cup of Trimethylxanthine makes me feel powerful..Lol..

I really don’t have much to write about so early in the morning. But I want a cup of coffee….

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